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The Real Farmers

Our Promise:

As our name suggests, our products are sourced from nature in an uncompromised form. We strive hard each day to make all our processes natural and in this way we also aim to preserve the ultimate provider of our resources, the nature by adopting age old techniques of production or  extraction in a pollution free environment and we wish to continue working in this manner.

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Our Team

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Ms. Usha Mali

Coming from a family of Traditional Agriculturalist, whose forefather have inhabited the fertile coast of Maharashtra and Gujarat, fresh and organic eating habit is in DNA. She created the ecosystem by stitching togethers the farmers, manufacturers, producers with focus on quality and sustainability.

- (Co-Founder and Mentor)

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Ms. Himangi

 An Engineer by profession, and a fitness enthusiast at heart. Her constant search for healthy eating led her to leave her profession and join her mother’s endeavour to make people experience the benefits that she and her family experienced. She feels that we need to co-exist with nature and return what we take from it. Himangi looks after the distribution and sales channels.

- (Co-Founder and CEO)

The Real Farmers

Why Us -

TheRealFarmers.com is the brainchild of two enterprising women. This mother daughter duo started the venture to support the young women, small farmers and tribal people in and around Palghar (Maharashtra) to provide them with respectable socio, eco and financial strength during the peak of pandemic in mid-2020.

Initially catering to a small group of believers locally and then by virtue of word by mouth, there was a pent-up demand for Organic, Natural, Farm Fresh, Chemical Free foods in big cities like Mumbai and Pune, which encouraged the duo to introduce more and more Organic, Natural products like Ghee, Honey, Cold Pressed Oil.

The Real Farmers

Our Believe:

What you Eat, you are the Reflection of Same…

So, Eat Right! Go Organic and choose Pure, Natural, Preservative Free and Chemical Free, Farm Fresh Healthy Goodies.

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